Experience – Efficiency – Specialization

  • Many years of experience in legal advice, contract and case processing and litigation as head of the legal department of a Cologne-based company with a long international tradition in the field of mechanical engineering and combustion engine design and production
  • Fluent command of English, French and Spanish. Knowledge of the Arabic language (written and spoken)
Highlights of Executed Projects

Drafting, negotiation, conclusion of and legal support for, among others, the following contracts worldwide

  •  complex cooperation agreements with technology exchange in the relationship between a component supplier and an ‘OEM’ (a customer who purchases combustion engines for installation in equipment or vehicles)
  • technology licensing agreements with manufacturers of industrial equipment and internal combustion engines
  • contracts for the supply and commissioning of production plant components, including services relating to the construction of buildings
  • contracts for the construction of industrial works, including architects’ contracts and general contractor contracts, with detailed technical specifications